Here are our three favorite restaurants in Guatemala City for every time of the day.

3 Favorite Restaurants: Guatemala City

I don’t know about you guys but i’m getting tired of wearing the same yoga pants and t-shirt everyday. If you too need a few new pieces to upgrade your lounge ware look than these 5 pieces are for you. Leopard Jumpsuit– This comfortable cotton leopard print jumpsuit from Anthropologie will make you feel meowvelous. […]

5 Pieces to Upgrade your Quarantine Look

Three ideas for simple crafts to make with your used toilet paper rolls.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Since many people have had to postpone newborn sessions during this lockdown today I’m sharing 6 tips for taking pictures of your newborn at home. Along with 3 free mobile Lightroom Presets

6 Tips for Taking Pictures of your Newborn

Teach your kids to use the camera. If you’re looking for an easy in home family activity. Grab your camera hand it to your kids and let them direct a photo shoot. What you’ll get are some amazing images and lots of laughs.

Family Activity: Teach Kids to Take Photos

Hand your kids your beloved I-Phone and let them hunt for this weeks Photo Scavenger hunt.

Photo Scavenger Hunt: Shapes

Ok friends, I have made it to the 6th stage of grief in my quarantine journey. I have officially reached acceptance. For the next month I’m committing to these 6 goals.

My Lockdown Routine Challenge

I’m stuck inside with my kids becomes, I’m so glad i get to spend this extra time with them. Each day blending together gets mixed up with an afternoon picnic in the living room.

Harnessing your Children’s Spirit in the Time of Covid-19

We miss basic freedoms we took for granted. A hug from a friend, that yoga class, our kids leaving the house…

You are Grieving and that’s Ok

It’s week two of social distancing for us here in Guatemala. We have settled more into our new routines and my anxiety has decreased allowing my creativity to come out. While trying to come up with more activities to entertain my kids I decided creative writing would be a great exercise.

Creative Writing Exercise for Kids

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