A crisp fall day, golden leaves blanket the ground. The trees cast a golden hue that surrounds you. Pair that with the families gorgeous fall styling and what you have is a session that gives you all the fall nostalgia.

Oliver Family Fall Mini Session

Chicago Lifestyle Newborn and Family Photography

Old homes are filled with so much charm but are also filled with old vintage bathrooms. When we bought this house we always knew the girls bathroom would need some love.

Girl’s Bathroom Facelift

These photos are a perfect example to show that it doesn’t matter what happens right before the session. You can be stressed, you could have ran to stores all morning trying to find the right outfits…your session will be ok, your session will be fun and I promise I will get the shot! Celeste and […]

Bonanno Family Fall Mini Session

Chicago Lifestyle Newborn and Family Photography

Warm, fragrant and throat soothing this hot toddy recipe checks all my favorite cold weather drink criteria.

The Perfect Cozy Cocktail: Hot Toddy

The last time I photographed Marshall he was just a few weeks old (I swear that was just yesterday so I’m not sure how he got so big). For this session it was all about the kids. Marshall played hard to get at first and made me work for money but after I a little […]

Marshall & Sydney Fall Mini Session

Chicago Lifestyle Newborn and Family Photography

One of the things I love about my job is how it has reconnected me with people I haven’t seen or spoken to for years. Meredith is one of those people. Growing up I just knew her as my older sister Ella’s friend. And I’m sure she just thought of me as her friend’s annoying […]

Diehn Family Fall Mini Session

Winter break the magical time your kids are off school and you all get to gorge on treats for two weeks. I usually make it two days before I am searching for all the ideas on how to entertain my kids. This year I’m actually looking forward to winter break because ‘off of school’ means […]

Winter Break Scavenger Hunt

Chicago Lifestyle Newborn and Family Photography

2020 The longest and shortest year. Hey friends, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. Life, well, it’s been busy. When I think back to all that my family has done this past year I can’t quite wrap my head around it. I mean, we have moved 3 times!! During a pandemic! Who […]

Where did the time go?

When Stella reached out to me to book her mini session she said all she wanted was some school photos of her girls. Their school wasn’t offering them this year and she didn’t want the year to pass without capturing some beginning of the school year images. And I think we can all agree these images are way cooler than any school photo they would have received.

Sasha & Shea Fall Mini Session

Chicago Lifestyle Newborn and Family Photography

Chicago Family Photography

This blog post is waaaaaaay overdue and takes us back to the dog days of summer. It feels like a lifetime ago and finally finding time to work on this post brings me back to those warm summer days. So we are jumping back, all the way back to a beautiful summer day in July. […]

The Rubin Family Says Goodbye to Chicago

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