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6 Tips for Taking Pictures of your Newborn


Having a new baby is always overwhelming and stressful but having a new baby during Covid-19 is another beast. I’ve been thinking a lot about the new moms who are home with their newborn and had to postpone their newborn session. Today I thought I’d share 6 tips for taking pictures of your newborn at home.

1. Sleepy baby

Try to have your baby awake for at an hour before you want to take their photo. This way they will be in a nice deep sleep during the photos. It also helps to turn on a sound machine so no sound from the shutter startles the sleeping baby awake.

2. Lighting

Find a place in your house with good lighting. Turn off all overhead light as to not cast an artificial glow on the baby. I would recommend taking a sofa cushion wrapping it in a white sheet or blanket near a window with indirect light. You don’t want light beams hitting the baby.

Set up should look something like this.  Notice how the light is coming in from my front right shining indirectly on baby’s face.

3. Warm it up

Turn up the heat in your home. Having the space warm will be better for baby as you unwrap them from the swaddle.

4. Work your angels

Make sure you are holding the camera directly over baby, not at an angle. If you are using I phone that means your phone is flat if it’s a DSLR the lens is flat directly over the baby. (please make sure to wrap strap around your wrist well for safety!)

5. Get in front of the camera

Have you and your partner take turns in front of the camera as well. Yeah you are sleep deprived and probably have too much dry shampoo in your hair but your sweet babe will want to see photos of you with them as they grow. So forget about vanity and get in front of that camera! I’d recommend sitting on a bench or sofa near a window with baby’s face towards the light. A bed also works if your bedroom has good lighting.


6. Editing

Getting the photos is great but they will probably need a little editing. Download the free Lightroom App on your I-phone for easy editing. Allowing you to adjust everything from shadows to tone.


I hope these tips help you to capture some stunning photos of your babe. This time is crazy for all of us I’m thinking of you and sending love to your families.

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