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Welcome to the World Ines & Emilia


If you think one baby is cute then hold on to your hat because here is the twin newborn session for Emilia and Ines.  After already capturing maternity images a few weeks prior I was so happy to pull out my camera for this happy crew again.  Just two weeks old these cuties came in at a fighting weight of just under 5 and 7 pounds so yeah no big deal Celeste was just caring around 12 pounds of extra humans. 

One thing I love about newborn photography seeing a baby’s personality at this age.  It may seem like all babies are the same, but each one already has little expressions, things that they love, and hate. Seeing two babies side by side this becomes even more obvious. Their differences are their personalities and it is so fun to witness and decode.

Ines was more demanding, wanting to be swaddled just right, always wanting a dry diaper but calmed immediately when she was near her sister Emilia.  Emilia who looked like a giant next to her tiny sister was happy just being awake and looking around (and actually preferred being naked.)  She was calm but focused not wanting to miss the world around her.  She wasn’t as happy with Ines snuggled in close but was thrilled to be in her daddy’s arms. 

These two little bundles are so loved by their family and I can not wait to watch them grow. 

Congrats Bonanno Family!

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