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Fall Family Session Styling


The sound of leaves crunching under your feet, a warm latte in your hand and the cool breeze on your face. There is so much to love about fall, but fall fashion is and will always be my favorite. To help you prepare for your fall photo sessions this year I’ve pulled together three looks to inspire your styling. I think it has a little something for everyone and each look pulls in some fall fashion trends I’m loving.

Need more than just inspiration? Have no fear I’ve linked all the choices so you can just purchase a full collection if you you feel so inclined.

1. Leather Jacket 2. Puff Sleeve A Line Dress 3. Mules 4. Knit Hoodie 5. Corduroy Pants 6. Solid Sneakers 7. Gingham Bow Cardigan 8. Flared Cropped Jeans 9. Solid Color Pull Tab Boots 10. Cashmere Waffle Knit Hoodie 11. Denim 12. Cap Toe Boot

Pattern, texture, and tonal. this look has so much to love. This look is perfect for a classic fam with a little edge. Designed around this beautiful autumnal floral dress for mom, this family look also pulls in two fall trends I love a puff sleeve for mom and green for dad. And can we talk about this little girl sweater from Zara? Sophisticated and girly this timeless sweater gets an edgier look when paired with a flare cropped jeans and combat boots.

1. Cashmere Herringbone Sweater 2. Pants 3. Suede Boots 4. Shawl Collar Sweater 5. Jeans 6. Cotton Sneakers 7. Cashmere Sweater 8. Cashmere Knit Leggings 9. Moccasins 10. Blazer 11. Turtleneck 12. Jeans 13. Black Bootie

A more classic family look this styling would look equally as nice paired with some knit winter hats and brings in one of falls biggest trends; the oversized blazer.

1. Mock Neck Sweater Dress 2. Sherpa Jacket 3. Clogs 4. Overalls 5. Long Sleeve 6. Shoes 7. Fleece Corduroy Jacket 8. Lace Trim Peter Pan Color 9. Solid Color Pull Tab Boots 10. Flared Cropped Jeans 11. Sweater 12. Denim 13. Sneaker

Pink may seem like an unexpected color palette for fall but imagine this look framed by bright red and gold leaves. Clogs have a moment with this look, it’s a fashion trend your feet will thank you for.

1. Sweater 2. Corduroy pants 3. Suede Boots 4. Sweater 5. Pants 6. Moccasins 7. Shoes 8. Collar sweater 9. Pants 10. Sweater 11. Skirt 12. Knee High Socks 13. Boots 14. Sweater 15. Henley 16. Denim 17. Cap Toe Boot

I want to be friends with this family! Adorable knits for all this kiddos including this amazing crochet sweater for big sis.

1. Sweater Vest 2. Tee Shirt 3. Jacket 4. Pants 5. Mock Neck Sweater 6. Boots 7. Cardigan 8. Overalls 9. Sweater 10. Pants 11. Moccasins 12. Cashmere Waffle Knit Hoodie 13. Denim 14. Cap Toe Boot

This look goes all things cozy with lush fabrics, textures and all forms of knit.

1. Blouse 2. Jeans 3. Mules 4. Knee High Socks 5. Dress 6. Solid Color Pull Tab Boots 7. Shirt 8. Pants 9. Shoes 10. Sweater 11. Boots 12. Jeans

I loved the subtle stripes on the collared sweater for a mom. With black to ground the lighter tones this blue look would look amazing with fall colors around.

1. White button down 2. Sweater vest 3. Pants 4. Lug Sole Loafers 5. Shawl Collar Sweater 6. Jeans 7. Cotton Sneakers 8. Cashmere Sweater 9. Cashmere Knit Leggings 10. Moccasins 11. Sweater Blazer 12. Gingham Dress 13. Mules

Ok truth be told I designed this entire look around my new pair of wool pants and lug sole loafers. It screams 90’s to me and a trend that not everyone will love but I am in to it! For the second mom I loved the addition of another pattern with this beautiful Madewell gingham dress.

Personally I have a hard time picking a favorite look but I think I will be using look one for inspiration for my own family photos. I can’t wait to hear which one is your top pick. Happy (almost) fall everyone!

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