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Welcome to the world Edie


Every time I walk into a home for a client this past year I’m in awe. Being a mom is always challenging, welcoming a new baby is always a huge shift but this last year adds a whole new dimension. I joined the Reagan family at their home in Evanston on a beautiful sunny spring day. They had just welcomed their new addition Edie to the family a few weeks prior and were all beginning to settle into the new routine of a family of four. Their older daughter Livia was the first to greet me. She was friendly, energetic and very excited to show me around their home. I knew right away when I entered the home that the day was going to be fun and that I wanted to take pictures in the stairwell.

People often think that they don’t have the home for in-home newborn sessions but truth be told there is almost always a spot that has some beautiful light a photographer can work with if they are willing to think outside the box.

The joy exuding from this family was palpable. Each member in the dreamy new baby glow. Happy, in love and delirious. Livia is going to make an amazing big sister. She was thrilled to hold Edie for a few minutes for us to capture some memories of the two girls. Then Livia decided she was ready to be done and run and play. So it was time for Edie to have her moment alone.

Christine and Adam told me Edie had hardly opened her eyes before I arrived. Well she was less than thrilled that I had chosen to disturb her slumber. After a little coaxing, more milk and fresh diaper we made it work.

While Christine and I were working with Edie we were able to chat and I’m so glad I was able to learn more about their story. Christine was warm and patient with Edie as she told me about their previous loses. The heartache and the pain they endured to get to the point she was today. Holding her beautiful healthy rainbow baby.

In that moment I was reminded why I began my business. To capture this exact moment. The depth of emotion this mother feels. Hearing her story of who she is and the journey she had been on. Photos are about so much more than pretty lighting and cute poses. Photography is about freezing the emotions of a moment and you don’t get that from just a pose. That comes from witnessing honest interactions between your subjects. When clients are willing to truly show themselves. Thank you Christine for reminding me why I love what I do. And welcome to the world Edie. Your family loves you something fierce.

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