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3 Ways to Take Better Photos


Photos are our legacy. Long after we are gone they will be the memories our families will look at to remember and share stories. I’m guessing if you made it this far then you are looking to improve your photog skills. And to this I say YAY! Your legacy should look good friend and today I’m sharing three tips to level up your photo game and I’m guessing they won’t be what you expect.

Be Intentional

This is basically my mantra for life in 2021. With all that I do I am trying to lead with more intention. It’s easy to get bogged down in the day to day hustle and bustle with the kids. Take a moment to just be with your kids. Breath into what they are doing, notice the details of them. There hands, toes, the way the hold their mouth as they color. I know you’re thinking, “Adrienne, don’t I need to actually take a photo?’ And yes, but before you do notice life around you. Become present! Notice what you want to capture and then focus on only that. Taking my time with photos and breathing into the moment has dramatically changed the images I’ve been able to get of my own kids. Give it a try. It will make you a happier human and will make your images better.

Capture Activity

Kids are happier when active. Don’t try to capture your kid sitting and smiling at the camera. Instead set up an activity in an area you’d like to take the photo. Set out a few books, set up a craft and then take photos WHILE they do the activity.

Use a Camera Remote

One of my favorite items I purchased for my own at home photos is a stand for my I-phone and remote. On days I feel like capturing a few photos I set up the stand with my phone in the corner of a room I know we’ll hang out in. With the remote in the pocket or hand I play with my kids. Every once in a while I press the remote to take photos. I love the candid real life moments this captures and the best part? I’m in the photos too! It may feel silly and vain to purchase at first but I love that I’m able to be present and play with my kids while also taking photos. Here is the stand I bought. (The light also works great for Zoom calls.) Try it. I promise you’ll have a blast.

So get to photographing. Your children and family will thank you…..I mean it will probably be after you’re long gone but some day they will think about just how grateful they are for you and your fabulous photos!

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