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Must Have Newborn Clothes


It’s true that it doesn’t really matter what you put your newborn in. They will inevitable poop or spit up on it and need to be changed several times a day. However, I do love babies in cute clothes because then all your at home photos will look that much more adorable. I’m all for buying less clothes but in beautiful fabrics and soft colors so the images feel more timeless

Baby clothes options keep getting better ever year. I swear there are twice as many cute brands as there were just 4 short years ago when Adilia was born. Here is a round up of my go to newborn clothes from my favorite newborn brands.

1. Vintage Taupe Knot Headband

Headbands aren’t for everyone. Most go too frilly and girly for my taste But this one is too precious.

2. Winter Water Factory Baby Gown

Winter water factory always has amazing prints and this beautiful ship and wave gown is one of my favorites.

3. Mori Ribbed Zip Baby Pajamas

The one detail I stress to everyone that is having a baby. Do not buy pajamas with snaps!! Zippers make everything so much easier. What’s better than a zipper? A two way zipper! That way baby can stay warm on top while you change them for the 1000’s time.

4. Lou Lou Newborn Essential Bundle

I love this bundle for all that it comes with. A swaddle, adorable little mittens and matching top knot hat. The fabrics are so soft and with the color and print variety Lou Lou has to offer you are sure to find a bundle that fits any baby.

5. Knit Wearable Blanket

This wearable blanket is perfect for walks on a cooler day and I love the addition of the hood detail.

6. Gerber Organic Cotton White Onesies

I love the simple classic look of a plane white onesie. These are the same ones I use on all my newborn photography. Pair this with a swaddle and what more do you need?

7. Swaddle

Beautiful fabric, subtle soft print = a beautiful swaddle for all.

8. Ribbed Knotted Gown

My girls both lived in gowns. They make diaper changes a breeze day or night. This ribbed gown from Lou Lou has a beautiful button detail that adds a beautiful timeless touch.

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