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What to Wear: Maternity Session


We all know the feeling. Standing in the closet staring at what’s in front of you and dreading trying anything on for the fear that nothing will fit right. Our changing bodies during pregnancy bring on all sorts of dressing challenges. You may have been able to know how to dress your pre pregnant body but now, well you feel a little lost. Deciding what to wear for a session does not have to be stressful.

Body love

Maternity sessions more than most are all about your body. You want to highlight your body and curves. I love dress choices that highlight your bump but still allow movement or flow in the sleeves or skirt. Layers work for this as well. Maybe you do a more form fitting dress but layer a kimono over the top to add a softness to the look. More than just your body shape though you want to choose colors that compliment your skin tone and work with the surroundings. As your photographer I have an eye for balancing the complementary contrasting elements, so I am more than happy to help you find the perfect outfit if you feel you need a little extra assistance.


These images are your legacy you’ll be looking at for years to come. For that reason it’s best to keep the look timeless. Think, neutral tones, or light floral patterns. One thing I suggest to avoid is ‘loud’ clothing. By loud I mean really bright colors, large brand logos on t-shirts or patterns that distract the eye. If your kids or partner should be at the session as well their outfits should compliment yours. When planing your family’s look always start with your outfit and build out from there. Your dress will set the color palette and feel for the full wardrobe.


The better your feel in your clothing the better you look. For that reason you simply must feel fabulous is whatever outfit you choose. If you are thinking about how a dress is pulling on your hips or how your pants feel your attention will be pulled from the beautiful moment we are capturing. When all else fails, repeat after me “I am beautiful, my body is amazing, I am a goddess!”


I always love texture variation in photos. Textures such as knit, linen, and lace will elevate an otherwise simple dress or skirt. Not to mention the finished image will have more contrast and interest to the eye. Remember though, timelessness is key so make sure no texture is too over the top so you don’t look bulky in your images.

As a mom myself I know that pregnancy is a time to be treasured whether this is your first or fifth time. I also know it can be challenging to feel confident in your changing body, but I promise that the right outfit will highlight your incredible body and the gift of life that you carry.

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