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Embracing Winter and Bringing Cozy into Quarantine

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“Once we stop wishing it were summer, winter can be a glorious season in which the world takes on a sparse beauty and even the pavements sparkle.  It’s a time for reflection and recuperation, for slow replenishment, for putting your house in order.” This is a quote from my new favorite winter read, Wintering The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times by Katherine May.

Winter is usually a season I fight against with ever fiber of my being. Wishing for the warmer days, missing the light. I knew going in to this winter it would be extra hard. I knew the isolation would be draining. I knew I would need to approach it differently and change my mindset in order to survive. So I prepared, I gathered, and I read. We have reached the part of winter that seems to drag on and on and I, I’m sure like me many of you, am struggling and wishing for warmer days. But I invite you to stay present in today and embrace the calm that winter can bring.

Here are 4 things that have helped me embrace winter this year:

Candles: I have candles or the firing going all day. The calming flickering light on the dark days can be so calming and serene. All three scents of the Day’s Last Light candles from Anthropologie are wonderful and I love a large candle for my kitchen counter.

Books: Taking time to read has really helped me this winter. Here are a few of my favorite winter themed books. First up, you just can’t miss The Little Book of Hygge to truly grasp the concept of a cozy home. Meik Wiking walks you through the idea of hygge and how to bring it into your space. Next Wintering The Power of rest and retreat in Difficult Times by Katherine May. A true masterpiece. The idea that our bodies need winter to rest a recharge. I very fitting book for me this winter and a book I plan to read again and again. Lastly, I love Kristin Hannah and this is the perfect winter fiction story to cozy up and enjoy.

Blankets: I have blankets stashed in every corner of the house. Everything feels more cozy when you are snuggled in a cozy blanket. Here are three of my current favorites. Barefoot Dreams may be over posted but it really is the coziest of blankets. Pendleton is a classic wool blanket brand and I love the neutral tones and pattern of this throw. And finally, the very affordable faux cashmere color blocked throw from Target. So many beautiful color options for whatever tone your space needs.

Tea: All day every day. What is better than a warm drink on a cold day. We had a hot water faucet put in which was way easier than I expected and has been amazing for instant boiling water. All you would need is a hole in your counter for install. (We used the hole from our soap dispenser). My current favorite tea is from Bigelow called Stay Well. It’s a delicious combination of lemon and echinacea.

The biggest idea I am trying to embrace this winter: rest. Let us all use this season as a chance to rest and recharge. Spring will come and the flowers will bloom again. For now, stay cozy and enjoy your rest.

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