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Inspiration for our Kitchen Remodel

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Kitchen is the heart of the home and we knew when we bought this house we would always want to give the kitchen a little update. We spend the majority of our time in the kitchen and family room of our home and these are two spaces that well….feel a little outdated.


What is wrong with our kitchen you may say, well not a lot. It has amazing bones and that’s why this renovation is going to be so much fun. All it really needs is a face lift. The kitchen has an amazing old world Spanish feel and that is something we don’t want to loose; however, there are things that just don’t work for us.

My biggest issue with our kitchen is the texture. Oy the texture! It’s so impractical for a space that needs to be cleaned a lot. Because the front two rooms in our house have an amazing old texture to the walls the kitchen tried to match that when they did the remodel in the early 2000’s. Well I guess it’s hard to match because while I love and appreciate it at the front of the home the back half is straight up sharp and nasty. (Adilia no joke made herself bleed on the spikes.)

But beyond the look it is a pain to keep clean. I can’t wipe off the walls because well the texture rips any sponge or towel. And the texture collects dust! Even the vent hood has the horrible texture which is caked in years of oil and food splatter. Another area that was hard to clean, the island had a very large pot rack over the top which we have already taken down to open up the space. As Joe says, the person who designed this kitchen does not cook or clean themselves.

Here’s a peek of what the space looks like currently:


The goal is for everything to feel brighter. I want to keep a traditional feel but with a more modern Spanish twist.


Refreshed white cabinets. The current color is very yellow. We will not be replacing the current tile flooring and we would like the new cabinet color to pull the brighter tones from the floor rather than the yellow undertones.

Cabinets to the ceiling. The exterior cabinets will be extending up to the ceiling to not only bring in more storage but get rid of the dreaded dust collecting zone at the top of the cabinets. (can you tell I like a clean kitchen?)

Island refresh– Not only does the island need to be painted but I want to change the counter top to a lighter stone to help brighten the space.

Remove the desk area. Desks in the kitchen made sense when a family had one computer that everyone used but now this desk has just become a dumping zone for everyones items. It has got to go! I would like a furniture like storage cabinet there instead.

Smooth walls. The dust collecting death traps have to be removed to a normal smooth finish. I want easy to wipe clean and no hazardous hallways!

New vent hood shape. Not only does the vent hood need to be smoothed but the size will be a little smaller. It will be replaced with something that doesn’t drawf the amazing wolf range.

Fresh backsplash. The orange terracotta will be replaced with a fun patterned tile.

New lighting. I envision less can lights and the addition of pendent lights over the island.

Now that you’ve heard the must have changes let’s talk inspiration! Because we are keeping the tile floor no images I’m pulling inspiration from are exactly what we are going for rather I’m pulling little things from several amazing kitchen designs.


What I love: the whole feel of this kitchen, from the play on light and dark to the mix of materials
Image via Whittney Parkinson Design
What I love: The pendent lights, dark blue tones, vent hood and amazing backsplash
Image Via Amber Interiors
What I love: The old world feel and shape of this plastered vent hood
Image via Brit Jones Interiors
What I love: The furniture style built-in
Image via Becki Owens

I will never get tired of looking at gorgeous kitchens. I’d love to hear what your favorite part of your kitchen is, and what you think we should add to our ‘must haves’ list.

Stay tuned for more details on how the look comes together!

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