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Happy Birthday Adilia


I blinked and my baby turned 4!! Yesterday we enjoyed a day at home celebrating Adilia. It’s hard to plan a covid birthday party in the middle of winter so we opted for an intimate family day for our birthday girl.

Adilia’s 4th birthday is a day Joe and I have been looking forward to for awhile. She is a spirited little girl who has been a handful since she turned 3. We have been hoping and praying that her tantrums would weaken at 4 and as her 4th birthday approached we were beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. She doesn’t throw toys as often, her anger has taken on a new, much safer, form of screaming as she rolls into a ball on the floor. Which is both heartbreaking and adorable. She is learning to handle all her big emotions and we are loving the process she has gone through as she has matured this past year.

Well, then her birthday hit and it was as if her last burst of 3 year old had to come out yesterday. There were so many tears, door slams, toys thrown and tantrums. It was her party and she was going to cry about it!! Luckily the tantrums only lasted until 2pm and then we had a wonderful afternoon filled with giggles, movies and of course cake.

During her tantrums I found myself getting frustrated, “doesn’t she know today is supposed to be fun!?” Then I thought about it, and let’s be honest, we are all having a rough go emotionally these last few weeks. It’s cold, we can’t even play outside and have had little interactions with the outside world. We are all getting a little sick of each other and the same daily routines. Really, her tantrum yesterday was exactly what my adult body wanted to do. Moral of the story, when you are around people that love you it’s ok to melt down. Give your body and mind grace and know that just because a day seems like it should feel special, doesn’t mean it needs to.

Happy birthday my dear Adilia. Thank you for always reminding your mama how to love strong and deep and for always coming out the other side of anger with love. Cheers to you my sweet girl.

xo- mama (Adrienne)

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