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DIY Valentine’s Day Session


Themed photoshoots aren’t really my thing, however, Valentine’s Day is one of those holiday’s that calls for a little theme. Taking a quick love-themed photo of your kids makes for a great DIY valentine to send to family or friends. Because what’s a better way to brighten a grandparents day than a photo of their grandkids? Today I’m taking you behind the scenes and showing you just how easy it can be to set up and take some killer heart-tastic photos.

What you’ll need:

A large white sheet or piece of fabric

Two Chairs

Heart Shaped Balloons or other prop of your choice

The Set up:

Drape the sheet over the backs of the two chairs in an area near a window Turn off over head lights so you are just working with the natural light from the windows.

Take the photos:

When its all set up all you need to do is take some photos. I had both girls sit criss cross apple sauce. I sat on the floor in front of them so I was down at their level and then gave them a few simple prompts.

  • Place your cheeks close together. Is Neva’s cheek soft Adilia?
  • Can you hide behind the balloon?
  • Give each other a big smooch
  • Can you snuggle?

The whole time I’m giving them positive feedback. Telling them what a great job they are doing, that I can’t wait for them to see the images, etc.

Edit your images:

Once you have taken the images the next step is the part that takes your pictures from simple set up to a pro-level shoot.

Its time to edit. Sometimes I feel like a broken record, but editing is the thing you need to do to make your pictures look better. Yes the iPhone is great but what you really need is to download the free Lightroom app and just start playing around. (Focus on exposure, contrast, highlights. Crop it in so the background is all white and don’t forget to straighten.) It seems basic but it really will make a difference in your images.

I know what you’re thinking Adrienne, I’ve tried editing my photos, they just don’t look like yours do. Well I have a secret, you need presets. I spend hours in Lightroom getting my settings perfect and then I save those settings so with a click of a button I can repeat the changes I made for future images. I worked hard on this so you don’t have to. So if you really want to take you images to the next level I highly recommend checking out The Casa Camhi Mobile Presets. They will change your images and dare I say your life.

Print your Images:

Don’t forget the most import part of the whole photo process: do something with them! I love the idea of using these photos as valentines for people that live far away. Whether it’s an email wish or a snail mail letter these images will add a little extra love.

I can’t wait to see the images you are able to capture. Don’t forget to tag @casacamhi so we can see what you come up with!

xo- Adrienne

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