Well friends, we have been back in the US for almost four months. It feels like a lifetime ago that we were traveling around Guatemala without a care in the world. Now we are settled back into our new every day routine…and trying to wrap our heads around the new normal life during a pandemic. […]

It’s been awhile…

Moving internationally with kids during a pandemic is no cake walk friends. Our year in Guatemala has come to an end. Are bags are packed and tomorrow we start the long journey back to Illinois.

All Good Things Must End

Nothing makes you realize you are in a need of a decor refresh like spending 50 days in Quarantine. If like me you are looking around your living room and getting sick of the same four walls then may I suggest a little refresher. A simple switch out of some easy decor items can really […]

Style Tips: Summer Decor Refresh

Hand your kids your beloved I-Phone and let them hunt for this weeks Photo Scavenger hunt.

Photo Scavenger Hunt: Shapes

Ok friends, I have made it to the 6th stage of grief in my quarantine journey. I have officially reached acceptance. For the next month I’m committing to these 6 goals.

My Lockdown Routine Challenge

I’m stuck inside with my kids becomes, I’m so glad i get to spend this extra time with them. Each day blending together gets mixed up with an afternoon picnic in the living room.

Harnessing your Children’s Spirit in the Time of Covid-19

We miss basic freedoms we took for granted. A hug from a friend, that yoga class, our kids leaving the house…

You are Grieving and that’s Ok

A healthy and refreshing version of the traditional Margarita.

What We’re Drinking: The Citrusita

You may or may not have noticed that we took a nice long break from the blog and social media over the holidays. It felt great to step away and enjoy an unplugged holiday up north for a few weeks. We returned to Guatemala last weekend.

We’re Back

Every year people are setting themselves new years resolutions that last for a few weeks or months if you are lucky before the are slowly forgetten. I’ve never been one to set new years resolutions.

The Only New Years Resolution You Need

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