It’s time for another Photo Scavenger Hunt. So hand your kids your beloved iphone and let them hunt for these colors. PS Don’t forget to tag @casacamhi in your kids photos we’d love to see their perspective!

Photo Scavenger Hunt: Colors

Three ideas for simple crafts to make with your used toilet paper rolls.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Hand your kids your beloved I-Phone and let them hunt for this weeks Photo Scavenger hunt.

Photo Scavenger Hunt: Shapes

I’m stuck inside with my kids becomes, I’m so glad i get to spend this extra time with them. Each day blending together gets mixed up with an afternoon picnic in the living room.

Harnessing your Children’s Spirit in the Time of Covid-19

It’s week two of social distancing for us here in Guatemala. We have settled more into our new routines and my anxiety has decreased allowing my creativity to come out. While trying to come up with more activities to entertain my kids I decided creative writing would be a great exercise.

Creative Writing Exercise for Kids

Coloring at Thanksgiving is one of my favorite childhood memories and this year I thought I would create my own coloring pages for the girls to enjoy.

Printable Coloring Pages

Motherhood can be exhausting in a variety of ways; but for the anxious mom, the lack of space to quiet my own inner mind has been one of the most difficult transitions.

It’s no exaggeration when I say I was just interrupted 3 times while writing that first sentence by my girls shouting for cheese. And that my friends perfectly sums up motherhood.

Finding Quiet in the Chaos of Parenting

With each passing day come with it new parenting changes and challenges. Lately our household has been struggling with a case of serious fussiness. I can’t blame Neva really the last 6 months has been a lot of new for a girl who loves her routine. She has had surgery, lived away from her dad […]

Helping Kids Handle Big Emotions

Ok friends….We’re going there…today we are talking sex after baby. Specifically we are sharing the 5 things we wish everyone would have told us about having sex after having a baby. (If you blush easily read this in the privacy of your room and maybe not on the train commuting to work.)

Sex After Baby

It won’t be long now before the girls are fairly self-dependent and I’ll forget all about the do’s and don’ts that got me through the initial stages of daddy-hood. Some of these were short-lived given how quickly we’d “graduated” to the next life stage. Some are techniques or should I say mantras that I hold as part of my core values and what (I hope) makes me a decent parent and more importantly an alright life partner.

My Advice for New Dads

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